Feed The Hungry

The WILD Sportsman ‘Feed The Hungry’ program is set up to help feed people within the regions that the Wild Pennsylvania TV program airs. The ‘Feed The Hungry’ program directly helped feed over 3,000 needy individuals at the seven events held in State College, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Wilkes-Barre regions of Pennsylvania.  Eight more ‘Feed The Hungry’ events are planned for the calendar year of 2018.

During the year, WILD Sportsman will be partnering with various businesses throughout the state and doing periodic events to help raise funds and awareness for this outreach program. We have found that the homeless are not the only ones in need, working mothers and fathers with families also need help and it is our mission to support them in this process. Check back frequently for more information on said events and join us in this fight.  As WILD Sportsman grows, so will our outreach.

It's a passion and mission of our brand to contribute in meaningful ways and to help provide healthy and nourishing meals and support to those who are in transition and find themselves in need.  We are as committed to our communities as we are to our clients.